Choose your faction
and start your journey on GVE

Factions server.
Classic and Interlude support.

Many players
Lots of game events
Hardcore gameplay


GVE is a game mode that has been developed with players for several years. We have kept the original hardcore of Interlude, while giving the game a new meaning in the war between the two factions. All the nuances of the game are carefully thought out and balanced with attention to detail.


Many events

5 vs 5 battles, Dimensional Rift, Domination, Treasures Arena, Tower Defence, Holding The Flag and others.


Take the caravan to its destination and get a reward. Destroy the enemy caravan and be the first to collect the drop.

Epic Bosses

Several modes of battles for epic bosses.

Classic or Interlude

Our server supports two versions of the game at once - Interlude and Classic. Use what you like best.

New skills

New skills carefully tailored to the class's play style. Created with the expectation of maximum balance and variety of classes.

Author's quests

Sneak into an enemy town, plunder outpost provisions, or kill a fort captain? Quests specially designed for GVE mode.


Dynamic rates and stage system will allow you to comfortably start the game even a few weeks after the server launch.