Choose a faction and start your journey on GVE
Large community
Hardcore gameplay
Lots of game events
GVE - is a game mode that has been developed with players for several years. We have kept the original hardcore of Interlude, while giving the game a new meaning in the war between the two factions. All the nuances of the game are carefully thought out and balanced with attention to detail.
Get adena and experience in PVP
Fight with players of another faction - get adena and experience. The stronger the enemy, the more rewards you will receive for killing him. Use debuffs to get 40% reward if someone killed an enemy. Become the best in your class. See your rating at .rank.

Forts, villages, outposts
Expand your faction's possessions by taking part in the capture of forts and villages. Get fame points and exchange them for valuable items.
Defend your forts and villages, repair broken gates and crystals. The longer the fort / village remains with one faction, the higher the reward for the capture!
Raids and epics
Don't miss the daily spawns of the evening raid bosses. Fight for the drops and fame points that all players get near the boss!
And don't forget about the most important event - the battle for the epic boss, which takes place on Mondays at 20:45 (Moscow time).
And further ...
Relics capture
Get a steady income from each captured relic. Protect the relic from other players, including players of your faction! Improve relic, put NPC defenders around.
Cycle - 1 week. For the whole cycle 50 fights are given. The player who wins the most for his class gets hero. Schedule: 19:00-19:45, 21:15-22:00. Class battles are abolished.
Take the caravan to the point of destination and get the reward. Destroy the enemy caravan and manage to be the first to collect drop.
Earn achievement points by completing certain tasks. Achievement points give an opportunity to upgrade additional skills for bigger customization of your character.
Уникальные эвенты
Daily castles siege at 20:00. Series of battles 5 vs 5. Series of battles 4 vs 4 on self-buffs. Domination. PVP-arena. Capture the flag. Tower defence. Last hero. Battles 1 vs 1 with bets.
Marks and their upgrade
Choose a mark which will give a bonus to a certain stat.
Have a few marks to change them according to the situation during the battle.

It doesn't matter how much time has passed since the start of the server.
We use dynamic rates, so you can start playing comfortably at any time!
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